Google’s new logo

So why did Google suddenly introduce a brand new logo? Well the main reason for losing the serif typeface (the wiggly bits) is so that it pops out at you on your phones and handheld devices because that’s where everyone looks nowadays, and of course on your desktop if you still use it…


Here in our Exeter studio we really like the confident, clean look with the capital G, primary colours and the cheeky, slightly rotated ‘e’ at the end. This new logo cannot be ignored and ultimately that’s what our clients want from us when we help them out with their branding.


We have enjoyed supporting many Devon businesses with their logo designs over the years ranging from complex and corporate to simple and childlike with a vast array in between. Recently we have been delighted to work on projects for local Exeter businesses including an upmarket hair salon, a high-end recruitment company and a vibrant climbing company to name but a few.


Our goal is to create an effective and memorable expression of your brand so please pop in for a chat if you would like some advice and assistance with your logo design. We look forward to seeing you soon.