Good Design is Good Business, Thomas J Watson, IBM 1973

Well although this is quite an old quotation, we feel it is so important because as you know you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

IBM’s views on design have impacted hugely over the decades since the 70s when Watson Jr became CEO and decided to put his signature on the organisation through modern design. In order for any company to showcase their brand and values, it is essential that they embrace design whether that is inside Exeter’s Apple store or in a pub on Plymouth’s Barbican.

People do judge you, if you present yourself well, they will trust you. If your marketing looks amateurish, you’ll turn them off. Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities by putting potential customers off.

Good design shows that you care, you care about your business and therefore you will care about your customers. Invest in some outstanding graphic design to actively engage potential customers. Our March offers include sumptuous Starmarque and luxurious Opuleaf showcards and business cards.

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Get noticed!